Co-Founder & CEO – Skildare

With over 20 years of experience operating and leading high performance teams within the Royal Australian Air Force and United States Air Force, Adam Loong now leads the team at Skildare whilst providing specialised consultation to the Aviation and Defence Industry. Additionally, he supports the HR Team at Skildare by providing expert operational analysis and support to all clients to include the provision of Motivational Leadership Training, executive coaching and mentoring.

Adam has a particular passion for Performance Management and has used this inspiration to develop a unique Performance Management System (called deBa) which combines simplicity and transparency with a focus on regular two-way communication. ‘deBa’ draws its origins from the Fighter Pilot communities debriefing process, which is centred on regular, open and honest two-way feedback. These origins have been combined with an online application solution that eliminates paperwork and encourages leaders to inspire and motivate their team members.

Adam maintains an active role in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as a Fighter Combat Instructor flying F/A-18 Hornets as a reservist. His RAAF experience includes the Director of the Fighter Combat Instructor Course (TOPGUN Equivalent), Executive Officer (2IC) of an Operational Fighter Squadron and multiple other leadership and instructional roles within the fighter pilot community. He has extensive experience in the development and oversight of aviation training systems, multi service integration and tactic development.

In the civilian world, Adam’s experience extends across project management to leadership coaching and mentorship to the development of operational plans (drawing on his years of Risk Management experience). Adam has active knowledge and practice with large scale State Government Requests for Tender as well as the provision of direct support to multi-national Prime and Sub Prime Defence companies.

Adam is an active member of the HunterNet Defence Forum, the Hunter Defence Industry Committee and the JSF Sustainment Collaboration Hub.

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